About us

The company Magnettech has been founded 1991 by members of the department of "High Frequency Spectroscopy" at the "Centre for Construction of Scientific Devices" of the Academy of Sciences of the former GDR.

It developed to the complete bidder of electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) technology, which comprises the following products:

  • High sensitive benchtop EPR spectrometers in the X-band
  • Modern modular EPR devices for in vivo spectroscopy in the L-band
  • Temperature control units
  • Software
  • Glassware
  • Special accessories

The EPR technology and the methods are permanently developed further in collaboration with worldwide leading university working groups and companies.

Magnettech organizes the supply and service of its products worldwide and works together with distribution partners in different countries.

Magnettech supports customers to find new solutions for special measurement tasks. The advice comprises all, from selection of spin traps or spin labels up to automation of measurement expiration and automatic data analysis.

Magnettech Award

In 2007 the Magnettech GmbH presented the "Award for Biomedical Research". Read more...

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