Bench-Top ESR spectrometer

MiniScope MS 5000 - Bench-Top ESR spectrometer for wide range of applications like food safety & quality, alanine dosimetry, petrochemistry, solid state physics and more.

Bench-Top ESR spectrometer - MS 400

One of the most successful bench top ESR spectrometers world wide.

ESR Spectroscopy

Glassware for ESR spectrometer

For measurements of samples in the ESR spectrometer one has the choice between different types of glassware.

Product Overview

State-of-the-art ESR software

ESRStudio is a dynamic and user friendly software for ESR measurements with some of the most modern and fluent workflow based user interfaces.

  • Most advanced and user friendly EPR/ESR operating/evaluation software available

  • User/application based customization

  • Advanced scientific capability

  • Workflow for automated spectrum evaluation

  • Automated lab report generation

  • Remote access - access your EPR/ESR spectrometer from anywhere in the world

  • Online training and Technical support

  • Versatile optimization of parameters such as: gain, signal amplitude, phase of magnetic field modulation, optimization of Signal to Noise ratio versus resolution by digital filters

MS 5000 Accessories

Study of relaxation rates of stable paramagnetic centers in g-irradiated alanine

The stable L-alanine radical induced by g-irradiation was examined by electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR),transfer saturation EPR and electron nuclear double resonance (ENDOR) in the temperature region of fast motionof the methyl group (180–320 K). From the obtained spectral line broadening and spectral intensity the correlationtime for the methyl rotation was estimated.

Advantages of ESR/EPR spectrometer MS5000

  • High sensitivity and spectrometer stability also for aqueous samples due to powerful automatic spectrometer self-adjustment routines

  • Auto-sampler for efficient routine investigations

  • Measurement and user interface parameter setting by recipes for extremely easy handling of routine measurements, also by unskilled persons 

  • Automatic time- dependent and transient EPR- measurements in timescales from 2µs time- resolution to hours or days

  • g- value representation of EPR spectra

  • Very high reproducibility of EPR line positions by automatic microwave-frequency readjusted magnetic field scale

  • X- ray irradiation facility (accessory, option)

Whether it is a beer brewery next door or a large scale, multi-product industrial food production company, our MiniScope MS 5000 spectrometer shall be used to anlayze the food safety and quality. 

For example:

EPR/ESR spectrometer for environmental chemistry

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