Bench-Top | ESR spectrometer

Magnettech is a world wide prominent supplier of Bench-Top ESR spectrometers with wide range of applications from food safety & quality to alanine dosimetry, petrochemistry, solid state physics and many more.

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EPR and its applications

Nitric oxide measurement, reactive oxygen species, oxidative stress, radical generating systems, photo dynamic therapy

Bioinorganic transition metal compounds, fenton chemistry, effect of heavy metal ions on livving tissue

Antioxidative features of foodstuff, radicals on foodstuff, radiation-induced radicals

Living polymers, nitroxide quantification, radicals in varnish, UV stability of scratch resistant varnish

Industry standard for evaluating irradiation doses on alanine tablets

Oxymetry, membrane fluidity, pH in microenvironment, viscosity, phase partition

Variety of free radicals in environmental applications can be evaluated by EPR spectroscopy

Analysis of chemical structure of paramagnetic centers and their orientation within a crystal

Beer flavor stability and shelf time evaluation

Product overview - ESR/EPRspectrometer, glassware and accessories

Bench-Top ESR spectrometer - MS 5000

A newly developed next generation EPR spectrometer with a so far unparalleled combination of performance features. It is a compact and cost effective Bench-Top system. 

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Glassware for ESR spectrometer

For measurements of samples in the ESR spectrometer one has the choice between Capillaries, Sample tubes, Flat cells, Tissue cells, Special cuvette and/or Fixed temperature dewars.



Bench-Top ESR spectrometer - MS 400

With over 300 devices installed world wide our MS 400 EPR spectrometer is one of the most successful bench top ESR spectrometers. Now with the introduction of the state-of-the-art and more compact MS 5000 ESR spectrometer we are on par with the requirements of modern ESR spectroscopy.

However, Magnettech will continue to provide service and support for our existing MS 200, 300, and 400 EPR spectrometer customers world wide.